Marzipan Candy Bites

I did not grow up in Mexico but I did grow up in Central America and anyone in the Hispanic community knows about Marzipan. Marzipan are this peanut made candy that melt in your mouth. So delicious good. 

You have probably seen these at the grocery store or at your local gas station, these little beauties are Marzipan. 

But I realized that you can do this little beauties at home. All you need are two ingredients and a food processor. 

This is a really simple recipe - so simple no pictures needed. 
2 cups of unsalted peanuts ( or salted if you like that sweet-salty taste) 
2 cups of Powdered Sugar

Place in food processor until it becomes a dough like consistency. 

Spread the dough - take your favorite cookie cutters and start cutting. 

Place in a beautiful tin can with wax paper and Enjoy! 

I actually used really small star shaped cutters - I bought some on Amazon when I went through my Bento Box Lunch phase (still a phase, hehe) you can find these on Amazon for $5 click here --bento-Box-Cutters

let me know what you use for your Marzipan Candy. 

Until the next Post....

~ Renee