2 Fudge Ingredient

The most amazing find on Pinterest - 2 Fudge Ingredient, Super Easy and Super Delicious.
 Are you the kind of mom who Desserts and Ovens just don't mix together. Yah! THAT'S ME!!! The other day I burned the top of my arm just getting Garlic Bread Out. I also forget about things in the oven and they burn to a crisp..even with a timer. (SAD I KNOW!!!) So, I was super excited to find this recipe in which the mechanics of an oven was not involved (YAY FOR ME!!)

I do have to thank the person who pinned this recipe Cookies & Cups

In Which she has this recipe both more delicious and way more creative than me, this was my first time making it so I am sure the next time I decide to create it I will be more Chef Patissier with it.

Even though the same Instructions are on there here they are again,


1.) Favorite Color Icing
2.) White Chocolate Chips

Colored Sprinkles/Food Coloring

Melted Chocolate Chips Add Favorite Icing and Mix Put in Fridge to Cool & Enjoy! Get creative & Add Sprinkles

I am also excited to know that this is such a KID FRIENDLY recipe, I can literally give this to my kids and have them cook for ME. It can be a perfect Party or Slumber Party Activity.