Stories from the past somehow come to bite me in the butt

Do you remember in High School how you, well I didn't hate Cheerleaders they just were not your (my) favorite people. If you were a cheerleader than you were not a favorite people)
I remember I was liked by people, I didn't have clicks and girl dramas were always there but I never paid attention because for some fortunate reason I was never the topic of a juicy gossip. I wasn't popular but I wasn't unknown either. (Thank my Stars)
But if you were a Cheerleader something was always said about you.
I remember at try outs they would make them try out in front of the whole school, I never understood that. I always thought it was a way to let us the students have a reason to have our sweet moment of glory of embarrasing them, having the power to choose who would be so lucky to make it (by popular vote of course) and nevertheless we still voted for them and than made fun of them but cheered for them at pep rallies because let's face it their stuff was cool and than made fun of them some more. (maybe girl jelousy had somehting to do with it, who knows?)

I thought pheww!! I'm so glad I am not them.

I say this because years later or now the present I was blessed with a beautiful daughter who hah! to me Wanted to be yes, can you guess?? A Cheerleader. Sigh!

I can't say that I love it, I don't, I don't even watch the football games. I do get a kick out the parents who's kids are in the game. I hear a lot of "that's my baby"
 As I embark on this journey of pom poms it amazes me how fate can be so fickle with me, I only hope that there are not a group of kids out there like me in my past and give her the fate of a cheerleader. (who am I kidding, I'm praying to all the Gods known to man, Yikes!)

But I must say She looks darn cute in that Uniform.

For your listening pleasure, listen to this :)