Good Bye Summer - Hello School!

This Week , We Started our first week of school. I am sure everyone had that craziness happen to you this week. Am I right?
My kiddos were so ready for school that at 6am they were ready. Yeah, I was excited too but not that excited.

This year I have a 4th Grader in my hands which let me tell you it's the pre-tween stage, meaning she hasn't hit Tween stage but it's getting there. If you didn't know there's three stages for Girls to hit. At least my theory of it.

Stage 1 - Between 7-10 - It's the Pre-Tween Stage - this is the stage where they want to be teens but still like little girl things a.k.a. barbies, Disney princess and shhh don't tell maybe even baby dolls or in my daughter's case an American Girl Doll.

Stage 2- Between 10-12 - It's the Tween Stage - well this stage they defet act like Teen's you know back talk, your shutting doors stage, maybe an occasional I hate you Mom here in there, you get to talk about all the fun stuff of where babies come from and the actual technicalities of it all ( if you haven't already in the previous stage) Yikes!!

Stage 3 -Between 12-18 - Defet TEENAGERS - If you still have beautiful hair that you haven't pulled out than Well you might as well call your doctor and have a prescription medicine for anxiety.

Back to my story, I am at Stage 1 - Apparently Feather's are the thing in Fashion. She told me! We roam the malls of Dallas to find Feathers that I didn't buy because they were expensive. (of course it's fashion, it's meant to see my check go Pufff!) So I went to the local Craft Store made them myself. (Cheaper haha!) That took care of that.
 Next, she told me she had to be styling.. OK? I went to local thrift Stores, hit the clearance rak and waaala got her tons of clothes. Ohh the joys of Back to School right.

Now to find that perfect outfit. I remember just being able to pick something out and it was fine. Not anymore... I have to sit there and actually go through millions of combinations for her to tell me that it looks dumb. Sigh! I can't complain I do love our mother-daughter bond and hey at least I'm included in the choosing process.

Now, here is where having a boy (in my opinion) it's just so darn easy. "Z" could care less. He just wanted his hair to look cool. Rocker Style :) So, am I glad this First week of school is done Yes I am , but looking forward to our future endeavors. LOL!
Finally We have our First Day of School Photo -