Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas to Everyone I hope you are having such a great weekend as we are.

With Awesome PJ's to wear all day

Writing our "Thank You" Santa Letters

Made Santa some Gluten -Free Peanut Butter Reese's Cup Cookies
1 Bag of already prepped Gluten-free Cookie Mix (found at Wholefoods)
2 full spoonfulls of Peanut Butter
tons of Reeses's Butter Cups
Heat over 350* take them out 5 minutes before they are finished cooking
make a small indention and let them cool
add the Reese's Butter Cup
and Waalaa~

After a whole day of fun, we put our cookies and chocolate milk for Santa - his letters under the Tree
Tracked him on NORAD
and closed our little eyes and fell asleep.

Although later that night at 2am they woke up to go pee, saw the presents and well had no choice but to stay up and open presents.

From : Simmons Family

Enjoy this fun Video of our Day