My Cowboy

My little "Z" is being the cutest cowboy, His name is Sheriff Woody and he gives out autograph.
I just got one and it said:
To Mommee from the Cowboeew

This week I ....

Shouldn't have drank,,,ummm drunk....drinken...hmmm ... (anyways) Starbucks 3x's this week

Bought this awesome hat

Finally put the kiddos Art Work for Display

Went to the Library
We watched non-stop episodes of "The last Airbender" (cartoons not movie but excited for the movie)

I have fun reading the words on my wall
Really need to clean this corner of my room
the only messiest part of the room
as you can see this week I had coke, coffee, wine, water and a lemonade
This little one also needs to clean his corner
Should have cooked meals this week instead of fast food is the easy way.

Have a great weekend!