Have you ever met someone who's 100 Years Old.

Well I have...My kiddos Great-Grandmother turned 100 over the weekend..and still going. I tell you this woman has seen it all, been thru it all and has survived a many family members.

We took a trip to Jacksonville, Texas...No..No..not Jacksonville, Florida..Jacksonville, Texas... A little small town in Texas...were the drive takes about 2 hours..(1 1/2 the way we were driving) it feels like 7 hours because there's NOTHING ON THE WAY THERE BUT COWS AND COWS AND MORE COWS (Such a Texas Cliche!)

Than when we got there my Cell phone Had no Bars at all...
but once we got to their gorgeous southern home to celebrate their Great-Grandmother's birthday I forgave everything else..(the fact that WalMart was the closest thing to a Mall that they had)

Great Grandma asked Rori if she had ever seen a real live Old women before to which rori replied "Nope Never First Time" LOL...too cute.

Photos: By: Jennifer Simmons
So if you haven't seen a real live 100 year old person before...here you go.. to the left Great -Grandma

and just for fun a cute adorable pic on the stairs of the Cutest Southern Home in Jacksonville, Texas..although I wish I would have taken more photos of the house. (Dan gummit) my kddos and my adorable newphew

Photos By: Jennifer Simmons

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