Happy Birthentine To Me

Meaning Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day

And I bought me the coolest shoes ever

Some Black Converse..hehe! Love  them!!!

I also went and had my Nails done, Decided to eat at IHOP for breakfast (if you don't know what that is it's a breakfast joint)
Ate some strawberry stuff pancakes YUmmm!!!
I went shopping obviously and got told that I looked younger than 27 ..yipeee! Than came back and ate my favorite birthday cake ever....Blackberry Pie..that's right Blackberry Pie YUMMMY!!!!
I got Gazillion Text telling me I'm one step closer to 30 and got told by one person (by young darling newphew Dino)
that I was a "Viejita" or in English please..."OLD"
Yeah well Poo-hoo Dino...Poo-hoo...
Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone.

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