The Birthday Boy, Chuckie E. Cheese and A HUGE RAT

Today we Celebrated  Z's Birthday (even though his real birthday was almost two weeks ago)
He was excited, He couldn't sleep last night...he woke me up three times at 6am asking me if it was time for his party. Each time I responded with " GO BACK TO SLEEP"

The time had arrived, The theme: SpongeBob.. and I went to pick up the cake..
This was his cake...

It was so amazing that other parents were drooling..I was drooling
I took pictures before it got destroyed.

Than the little ones arrived..gave them tokens to play ....they all left
I stayed behind ...thanking the Stars that I had payed people to handle the kids..ohh there were so many KIDS..TONS ...EVERYWHERE...(i'm so glad that I didn't choose to be a teacher as my everlasting Job)
the kiddos came back , they ate pizza... they begged for more tokens..I gave it to them..
than it was time to sing..

Why on earth do children think that a Giant Rat  is the coolest thing ever..I mean Mickey Mouse I get... but this guy..Yes well ...I stayed back..
The Rat crowned the birthday boy .... he was happy

In the End It went Smooth..from start to the End..and the boy came home so excited and Chukied Out..
(I, came home traumatized by the Giant Rat)

Happy Birthday My 6 Year Old Boy.

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