The Doctor's Visit.

This Week Zeth decided to be the funniest kid ever without even realizing that he was being funny.

We arrived at the doctor's, got called in to the room, took his temp, height, weight and than an eye test.
He did great but when he got to that last line, well it went something like this..
Nurse:  Zeth - Read the last line please!
Zeth: (covering his right eye with a cup) you know what lady read that last line, I'm tired of reading.
than, he had to pee in a cup but we were peep out because we did that before we went in to the doctor's. So we waited.
So while waiting we went back into the room - the doctor walks in
Doc asked questions - She checked him - she poked him - but the funniest event that happened was when ---- Well..again it went something like this...

Doc: Zeth, this is going to feel a little weird ( putting on blue latex gloves) but your mommy is here so it's okay, I'm going to pull your pants down and check to see if you are ok. Is that Ok?
Zeth:  Yeah, Ok!
Doc,  lay's him down...she pulls down checks for hernia and in the mist of that We both hear a giggle.
Than she lifted him up and he giggled again followed by "HE-HE you tickled my pee-pee"
Ok sounds weird  but at this moment ---WE BOTHED BUSTED OUT LAUGHING!

The final saga of this story happened when his irons levels needed to be checked and for that the M.A. needed to prick his finger.
Which at first when explained to zeth looked like a cool little blue toy.
The convo went like this...

M.A.: Zeth, I'm going to use this (blue pricker) to prick your finger, it may feel uncomfortable.
Zeth:  Okay, Here's my hand
he gives her his hand, she takes it, and PRICKED!
Zeth: WOW!-------WOahh...WOahhh! (pulled his hand back)  WHY DID YOU DO THAT?
M.A.:  I'm sorry hun, I had too, Was it that Bad.
Zeth: (Still in Shock) Lady can I use that on your finger?


He got THREE STICKERS for being a comedian that day...  cool medical toys- the tongue depresor..and just for the heck of it because the Doc loved him a stethscope.

Yes my friends...with all his speech problems and everything else.... Zeth always manages to be the comedian without knowing it.

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