My New Love For Vintage

My newest love is now Vintage (just a fancy word for Used and old) I was never a fan of Thrift Stores but now it has become my new thing. I am loving Vintage dresses, patterns and flowery are my favorite. Old T's and Jeans, Finding Name brand clothing, and most of all SHOES! The best part of it is the Hunting. For this you need at least a day but the hunting is fun. I love searching for that perfect piece that I am now loving. For example, I went to this Thrift Store in Dallas where I guess the "Rich" People Live and found this Oscar De La Renta Top..for like $5.99. I can now say I own a designer top. Along with that I found this wonderful strappy shoes for less than the top in Great Shape. The other day I went to Plato's Closet..never been there and was shock how many items they had for low prices. Yes Vintage is my new thing. You just have to have an eye for this items. My goal is to fill my petty lil apartment closet with tons of clothes and shoes...hehe. It's time to spoil MOI!

Second...I am currently obsessed with Cowgirl Boots,,,yes I said it ......Cowgirl boots I WANT THEM...WANT THEM BAD!!!!!!! I saw this chick at court the other day (yes court I got a ticket) and she was rocking this boots with a white dress ...ever since than ...I have been thinking about them and dreaming about them and I won't be satisfied till I get them.

Finally, Little Black Dresses I think everyone should have one and I decided I should too. At my current obsession of Thrift Store-ing...I found a Banana Republic Black Dress that I absolutely fell in Love with. Had to take a photo of it before I took it off the Manequin. I took it home and wore it for the rest of the day feeling like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Little Black Dress a women's must have for any ocassion, especially when you are at home doing the laundry.

Frist Week Of School

I can't say that I didn't cry on the first day of school. I did I cried like a freaking baby.
My last one of my brood is off to Kindergarden and I now have both my kids in school, all day, big kids, no longer with kids at home. WOW! soon they will be off to college.
This week was great. Aurora loves her class and her friends and most of all her teacher. I like her too she seems nice. Zeth teacher is a great teacher and thank goodness the same teacher Rori had at his age. But still when I saw my little Zeth sitting down like a big boy I couldn't help but to start crying. Now I'm dealing with his "I don't want to go to school" speech and it's just the first week. How was everyone elses first day/week?