WHy Ohh WhY is My B-Day

On Valentine's Day (I'm not announcing but if you want to get me a gift I don't mind LoL!)

But everything is booked, no reservations for anything...I really wanted Spaguetti Wharehouse..yumm!

I guess I can recreate the meal at home... (how hard is it to make Spaguetti right with huge MEATBALLS...I will also be buying the most delicious blackberry pie for my birthday cake ..yes that's right blackberry pie..it's my birthday and the kids will have a mini chocolate cake)

Rori asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her anything you give me will be great. I saw her little wheels turning after I said that ..can't wait to see what's coming for me.

I'm not a fan of V-day so it's worse when it's my B-day. However I do enjoy the day when I get anything I want not like I can't do it any other day but the day is special for anything "I" want with no complaints.
Hence Blackberry pie for me instead of cake hehehe.

(ohhh and before I forget this Warm delicious pie will be served with full NOT Fat free tons of Vanilla Ice-cream on the Side..YUMMMMMM!)



The Staub Squad said...

That's right, and eat the entire thing yourself!!

RENEE said...

ohh you bet I will ;)