Coraline and My Weird Seat Belt Experience!

So Yesterday (Sat. the 22nd) we went to see Coraline. (great movie ---creepy but great!) The kids and I were so excited to see it and they loved it. Towards the end Rori kept telling me "hold my hand" and Zeth kept saying " I'm not scared" lol..We enjoyed our movie night..but the funny part came after the movie.

As we were getting ready to leave. I sat down, turn the engine on, strapped my seatbelt and as usuall told the kids " guys buckle-in" when all of the sudden Zeth turned to ROri and the following took felt like I was watching wrestle-mania..or WWF LOL!

Zeth - Do IT Rori..just Do it..

ME- ??????

Rori - (In a wrestle-deep-mania voice like "the Rock") YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO..YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TOO...DO IT ..DO IT NOWWW!

Zeth - (also in a deep wrestle-mania voice) WHAT...WHAT DID YOU SAY..SAY IT AGAIn!

ME- (thinking) WHAT THE HECK???


(I hear a click sound - he buckled in)

Zeth - IT"S DONE!

(another click sound - she buckled in)

Rori - IT"S DONE!

ME- speechless----than utter laughter!

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The Ison's said...

LOL I love kids and their wild imaginations!!!