Coraline and My Weird Seat Belt Experience!

So Yesterday (Sat. the 22nd) we went to see Coraline. (great movie ---creepy but great!) The kids and I were so excited to see it and they loved it. Towards the end Rori kept telling me "hold my hand" and Zeth kept saying " I'm not scared" lol..We enjoyed our movie night..but the funny part came after the movie.

As we were getting ready to leave. I sat down, turn the engine on, strapped my seatbelt and as usuall told the kids " guys buckle-in" when all of the sudden Zeth turned to ROri and the following took felt like I was watching wrestle-mania..or WWF LOL!

Zeth - Do IT Rori..just Do it..

ME- ??????

Rori - (In a wrestle-deep-mania voice like "the Rock") YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO..YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TOO...DO IT ..DO IT NOWWW!

Zeth - (also in a deep wrestle-mania voice) WHAT...WHAT DID YOU SAY..SAY IT AGAIn!

ME- (thinking) WHAT THE HECK???


(I hear a click sound - he buckled in)

Zeth - IT"S DONE!

(another click sound - she buckled in)

Rori - IT"S DONE!

ME- speechless----than utter laughter!

Today at the Krusty Krabs

It was a fine day for Jelly Fishing , making Kraby Patties and making Squidward tentacles cry. We bought SpongeBob Lego's and finally after finishing an extensive of what seem non-stop looking for small pieces of legos the size of an ant, We finally finished the krusty Krabs and The famous PineApple House. We had an exciting adventure of Mr. Krabs being greedy and wanting $$$$$....squidward yelling at SpongeBob...driving the famous hamburger car and motorboat. This is the best entertainment to come in this home. It kept them quite all day long.

We started at the Krusty Krabs


Put together the hamburger boat

Gathered our friends together and

Made them go for a Ride

Having a blast

Final Touches to the PineApple Home and Waala.. A WHOLE DAY FULL OF FUN AT Biniki Bottom.

WHy Ohh WhY is My B-Day

On Valentine's Day (I'm not announcing but if you want to get me a gift I don't mind LoL!)

But everything is booked, no reservations for anything...I really wanted Spaguetti Wharehouse..yumm!

I guess I can recreate the meal at home... (how hard is it to make Spaguetti right with huge MEATBALLS...I will also be buying the most delicious blackberry pie for my birthday cake ..yes that's right blackberry's my birthday and the kids will have a mini chocolate cake)

Rori asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her anything you give me will be great. I saw her little wheels turning after I said that ..can't wait to see what's coming for me.

I'm not a fan of V-day so it's worse when it's my B-day. However I do enjoy the day when I get anything I want not like I can't do it any other day but the day is special for anything "I" want with no complaints.
Hence Blackberry pie for me instead of cake hehehe.

(ohhh and before I forget this Warm delicious pie will be served with full NOT Fat free tons of Vanilla Ice-cream on the Side..YUMMMMMM!)


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