This is how we play pillowfight?

Do we grab a pillow and hit the other person with it?

-No we don't

Do we jump up and down our beds or couch to get to the other person?

-No we don't

What do we do?

- Well we stick our whole bodies inside our pillow covers

-We make sure the comfy - fluffy side is in front of our bodies covering our faces.

- than we take our places at the opposite sides of each other

-we go for it and run TOWARDS each other



that is how we play pillow fight or in this case SUMMO WRESTLING PILLOW FIGHT.



managermom said...

We are going to start that, I love that idea!

Jenna, James, Lili, & Alex said...

LOL, cute!

Nicole said...

This is soooo funny!!

sheena said...

aaah!! I love this!