Have you made yours for 2009?

I always make one that never ends up coming true and it's the number one that everyone makes . I know at some point you have too..

Let's say it together:

LOSE WEIGHT ---- (are u laughing, I am!)

so this is my New Year's Resolution List. I hope it comes true and hope yours does too :)

1. Purchase a 3brd Home
2. Try to work-out at least 2x a week (it's less scary if I say work out than lose 20lbs)
3. Cook more homemade meals each night and one day off to order in/go out
4. Go to church without missing one sunday
5. Do better in my Spiritual things that I need to do
6. Learn how to do things for me such as actually pampering myself
7. of course always be the best mom I can be
8. I'm pretty good with organization and cleaning so I guess cut down on that because I do it too much lol
9. Spend more time with my family
10. become more involve in the kids school
11.Actually take a REAL FAMILY VACATION this summer 09 - The kids want Sea World in San Antonio
12.I have a Savings account and for the kids so my goal is to and I know this is weird but I need to do a "Will" urghhh I hate thinking about it but I have to do it.
and I can't think of anything else so Hopefully it will all come true at the end of 2009.
Happy New Year's


managermom said...

Good luck! I usually make 4 resolutions, you are ambitious.

Aaron and Krystal said...

Those sound like great goals. Good Luck!