Happy Birthday Zeth YOu are now 5

First off ...where did the time go that my sweetest baby boy is now 5.

hola crappers 5 ----- (tears)

We had a private ceremony of Lightning Mcqueen Cake (are you surprised)
and presents. On saturday we hope to pay a visit to the annoying mouse called Chuckie Cheese (why is he named after that doll that kills everyone) this saturday since Texas has been hit with tons ICE this week.

He recived his most anticipated present his first Webkinz toy which is a frog who he named FROGGY (that's his name)

and he is now addicted to this world of tiny plush toy that carry secret codes and you go online to feed it, take care of it and make sure he does not die ( now the big hit since Build-a-Bear)


Happy Birtday to my little boy, whose smile makes my heart melt everyday. <3


(For more photos of Zeth please go to: MerloPhotography.blogspot.com)