New Toys

Having New Toys is always Fun.
For my little boy his new favorite toy..compliments of Santa is his New "Radiator Springs town Carpet" were now he can pull ALL of his Movie "Cars" character car toys and play all day. (literally all day) and let's not mention lining them up one by one bumper to bumper so that I can kindly hurt the soles of my feet when I'm heading out the door with all the lights off (you know when it's dark in the early morning and I have to sneak out to go to work)


Jenna, James, Lili, & Alex said...

Awww haha. Glad he's enjoying them! Ouch about you stepping on them though. The kids stay home when you go to work? Who stays with them?

sheena said...

oh my.....we would get alot of use out of that rug as well!!!

for photos in low light.....crank your ISO all the way up, open your aperture all the way, and slow your shutter way down--to like 60 or even 40--but make sure you're camera is resting on something and hold very still!!

RENEE said...

Sheena You are a doll thank you .. :)