Must be Dumb-itis-day

Good Friday! Maybe :/

Why must people lack common sense? Who knows perhaps they were dropped at birth or maybe they fell on their heads a lot.

It just surprises me how dumb people sometimes act and do not even realize it. It's funny to watch though hehe

First Victim suffering Dumb-itis-day was at starbucks
Person tried to push open the door
Door would not open..
I stood behind the person giggling..yes..giggling..
person became frustuated even peep thru the dark glass to see if someone was there..
It was packed as starbucks should be in the morning...lines and lines of people waiting for a grande Mocha Latte
I stood giggling again..
I walked in front of the mad person to open the door as the sign clearly said "PULL" not push.. (poor person..must have had a serious case of dumb-itis-day)

Second Victim of today:
During traffic.....
As I'm driving down the road driving the speed limit...(ok maybe 5 over but so was everyone else)
One person decides to speed over 60 cutting in on people, almost side swapping cars, near death accidents, super fast car...
Only to reach the stop light at the exact same time that I did...(HmMMmm wonder if he felt like he won the race)

Third Victim of the day and perphaps the dumbest suffering from Dumb-itis-day..and unfortunate to be someone close to me..

Me Sleeping (zzzzZZZ)

Maybe snoring..

feeling a shake..(maybe it's an I live in Texas hmmm)

shake ~~~~ shake~~~ shake~~~

No not an earthquake it's someone shaking me..

(here it comes)

"HEY Are You Sleeping"

hmmm maybe there's vaccination for this rare disease..

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Anonymous said...

Renee you are classic! Love ya babe

Jodz xoxox