I would like


to have a few kids to do a photo shoot for the following days:

Upcoming Saturday's:
January 17th --- Booked :)
January 24th --- Booked :)
January 31st.

Please email me if you are interested at rmerlo_123@hotmail.com

I am wanting photos for my portfolio

What you will get?

A full CD of photos all edited to do whatever you want with.... FREE ..no charge.

What I need?

A few kids from ages tot - pre-teen.

Please contact my e-mail above.


PS: if you have any questions ask away.


Jon & Maria Ison said...

Will you travel? LOL Come here and you can use my tots anytime. :p

RENEE said...

of course I do..LOL...I'm on my way

Jenna, James, Lili, & Alex said...

Good luck with this hun! I didn't know you wanted to get serious with photography ;)

RENEE said...

I love it and I would like to do this on the side not full time but something fun and exciting for me :)