Christmas Eve/Morning

Christmas Eve/Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. I have made this a tradition every year. I try to add more each time.
This year we got ready for Santa and it was so much fun.

We made Santa Cookies
(delicious cookies)
DSC_0028_edited-1 by you.

We set them out with a nice note and a glass of milk
Dear Santa,
Enjoy your cookies and Milk
Aurora and Zeth
Have a Merry Christmas
DSC_0036 by you.

We goofed around and added some final touches to our tree
CSC_0066_edited-1 by you.

We did not forget about the reindeer and left a bit of reindeer food outside
DSC_0058_edited-1 by you.

And finally we snuggled in Mommy's bed for this special night so we could all be together
( and so Santa could put the presents under the tree)

(and just so you know the person behind the book is Aurora)

DSC_0061_edited-1 by you.

And in the Morning We Woke up to

DSC_0072_edited-1 by you.

And later the nicely wrapped presents became

DSC_0090 by you.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas


Jenna, James, Lili, & Alex said...

Aww cute pics, Renee =)

Jessica Kettle said...

Thanks for checking out my blog and for the nice comment. your kids are so adorable and it looks like you had a great Christmas. I loved the note to santa- too cute!