I would like


to have a few kids to do a photo shoot for the following days:

Upcoming Saturday's:
January 17th --- Booked :)
January 24th --- Booked :)
January 31st.

Please email me if you are interested at rmerlo_123@hotmail.com

I am wanting photos for my portfolio

What you will get?

A full CD of photos all edited to do whatever you want with.... FREE ..no charge.

What I need?

A few kids from ages tot - pre-teen.

Please contact my e-mail above.


PS: if you have any questions ask away.

New Toys

Having New Toys is always Fun.
For my little boy his new favorite toy..compliments of Santa is his New "Radiator Springs town Carpet" were now he can pull ALL of his Movie "Cars" character car toys and play all day. (literally all day) and let's not mention lining them up one by one bumper to bumper so that I can kindly hurt the soles of my feet when I'm heading out the door with all the lights off (you know when it's dark in the early morning and I have to sneak out to go to work)

Christmas Eve/Morning

Christmas Eve/Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. I have made this a tradition every year. I try to add more each time.
This year we got ready for Santa and it was so much fun.

We made Santa Cookies
(delicious cookies)
DSC_0028_edited-1 by you.

We set them out with a nice note and a glass of milk
Dear Santa,
Enjoy your cookies and Milk
Aurora and Zeth
Have a Merry Christmas
DSC_0036 by you.

We goofed around and added some final touches to our tree
CSC_0066_edited-1 by you.

We did not forget about the reindeer and left a bit of reindeer food outside
DSC_0058_edited-1 by you.

And finally we snuggled in Mommy's bed for this special night so we could all be together
( and so Santa could put the presents under the tree)

(and just so you know the person behind the book is Aurora)

DSC_0061_edited-1 by you.

And in the Morning We Woke up to

DSC_0072_edited-1 by you.

And later the nicely wrapped presents became

DSC_0090 by you.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas

Countdown to Christmas

CoUnTdOwN To ChRiStMaS

3 Days Left...(ahhh)

Have I

1. Bought Presents ---- PfffT .... Nope

2. Wrapped Presents --- Nope ..I haven't bought them (yikes!)

3. I swear I'm going tomorrow to do the shopping ..seriously and staying up late to wrap also..

Days went by so Fast..

What have you done to get ready for Christmas?

In front of the Camera ..Not Behind..

LOL ..So I was playing around because I thought I was having a good hair day..and I thought why not..

a few of me..lol
Christmas party Dec 2008 035 by you.

Christmas party Dec 2008 037 by you.

First Day of Snow In Texas (probably ever)

As far as Texas knows...this is snow...we close down the schools and no one goes to work lol..
The roads are Icy which is a hazard..but I'm sure the northern states would laugh at this notion.
We did enjoy our bit of snow today. This morning Rori looked out the window and screamed "It's a Christmas Miracle" hopefully it keeps up till christmas than it will be a true white christmas :)

I'm a bit mad that the flakes were not big enough to capture and Manual mode is kicking my butt lol
there's so much you can do with it.

Any who Enjoy :)

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I have always noticed that kids write their (z) or (s) backwards lol

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When adding a new ornament to the tree make sure to do the following:

1.) Wear a costume of your favorite Movie Character
.. (yes he loves Lightning McQueen but he loves buzz too)

than grab the toy that resembles your costumes and add the ornament ...Done!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Must be Dumb-itis-day

Good Friday! Maybe :/

Why must people lack common sense? Who knows perhaps they were dropped at birth or maybe they fell on their heads a lot.

It just surprises me how dumb people sometimes act and do not even realize it. It's funny to watch though hehe

First Victim suffering Dumb-itis-day was at starbucks
Person tried to push open the door
Door would not open..
I stood behind the person giggling..yes..giggling..
person became frustuated even peep thru the dark glass to see if someone was there..
It was packed as starbucks should be in the morning...lines and lines of people waiting for a grande Mocha Latte
I stood giggling again..
I walked in front of the mad person to open the door as the sign clearly said "PULL" not push.. (poor person..must have had a serious case of dumb-itis-day)

Second Victim of today:
During traffic.....
As I'm driving down the road driving the speed limit...(ok maybe 5 over but so was everyone else)
One person decides to speed over 60 cutting in on people, almost side swapping cars, near death accidents, super fast car...
Only to reach the stop light at the exact same time that I did...(HmMMmm wonder if he felt like he won the race)

Third Victim of the day and perphaps the dumbest suffering from Dumb-itis-day..and unfortunate to be someone close to me..

Me Sleeping (zzzzZZZ)

Maybe snoring..

feeling a shake..(maybe it's an earthquake..no I live in Texas hmmm)

shake ~~~~ shake~~~ shake~~~

No not an earthquake it's someone shaking me..

(here it comes)

"HEY Are You Sleeping"

hmmm maybe there's vaccination for this rare disease..


We took pictures with Santa only My camera died right before they sat in his lap. thank goodness for the lady who was taking photos with a digital and was able to email me the pictures.

Santa's Village went well. We had tons of fun. Santa rode made his entrace in a big firetruck.

Than it was an 1hr 1/2 to wait to sit in his lap and say nothing to him when he asked "what do you want for christmas?" But all in all the night was nice and cool (not freezing) and the kids enjoyed every single elf house.
Mommy was tired so she wanted to go home and sleep.

Santa's Village (Free Activity for you and family in the Richardson, Texas Area)

Santa's Village
Here are the dates and the website.
This is a fun activity for those of us who live near Richardson, Texas.
It is completely FREE and the kids will enjoy it. Plus FREE picture with Santa and this guy is great. We do this every year. Hope you can make it :) It does not say the times but each day is between 6pm -9pm and there's a different show each night. Make sure to dress your kiddos warm because it's all outside next to the Richardson library on Arapaho Rd. Past 75 you can't miss it. You will see the village as once you pass 75 and keep going on Arapaho. :) Have Fun.

Website and Dates: