More Dallas Zoo.

Here are some more photos of The Dallas Zoo. I have created an account on photobucket so that everyone can have access to this photos. Well not everyone just people I want to show this photos too. I will be using this a lot for just random pictures that are not really edited and just have to do with the kids events and other here's the link: ---->

Please let me know if the link is not working :)



The Ison Family said...

Well look at you little miss photographer! You took some absolutely beautiful pictures. Isn't owning a Nikon fun?

Btw, thanks for the settings. I've been playing with my camera like mad the past few days.

RENEE said...

haha Maria! I honestly don't think I'm doing that good but thank you so much it helps to hear that I am.
Owning a Nikon is super fun, there are so many more settings that I want to try out it's insane.

No problem let me know if you need anything else.