Happy Thanksgiving :)

Our Thanksgiving was so NICE! I decided this year to just be US…no one else just US.

I decided to do my thankful list on this day since it is Thanksgiving.

Even though I feel like the world just crashes down on me (All the Time) I always forget to stop and think, I am not the only one who’s been thru this, I am not the only one who has it bad, there are others who have it worse, I am blessed to have the things I have.

My Thankful Wish:

1. I am thankful for my Heavenly Father, who never forgets me even though I forget him sometimes and fill my life with other priorities, but he always, always is there for me.

2. My Two beautiful children Aurora and Zeth who are just the cutest things ever. (I’m their mom of course they are cute)

3. My family because even though I don’t see eye to eye with them, they are still my family.

4. Aurora (AGAIN) because the older she gets the more and more we become close, She makes me laugh in my darkest days. I will be upset or worried but somehow she will come out with the funniest comments to make me laugh.

5. Zeth (ALSO AGAIN) because he is my patience. He will calm me down with all his love and how much he loves me. I thought I loved him more anything and I do but what makes it even more special is how he always comes to me with a huge hug and kiss and said I LOVE YOU MOMMY! That just melts my heart.

6. My three favorite things. FOOD lol….my computer and my camera.

Today has been the most relaxed day ever. It started out with me waking up to cook our delicious food. In between we played games.


Followed by Couch Snuggling J


Followed by watching movies and the COWBOYS GAME WOOT!




At the end of the day we were thankful for our Soft Duckie Towels that kept us warm after it was time to take a bath and be thankful for our little thumbs that soothe us and get us ready to Go to bed. Except for me I stayed up hehe..



I’m Thankful for our day of Rest.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone


Jon and Maria Ison said...

Awww how nice that you spent Thanksgiving just the 3 of you. I'm glad that you enjoyed your relaxing day.

Nicole said...

MMMM That turkey looks sooo yummy! That seems like a fun day! Just the 3 of you!!!

managermom said...

I love your small quiet Thanksgiving and I am glad you got your camera back. Enjoy the rest if your holiday.

Jenna, James, Lili, & Alex said...

Aww glad you had a great Thanksgiving