Dear Santa

( I don't know why blogger wouldn't let me erase this picture to fix it Grrrr but you get the point it's their letters to santa.)
Dear Santa;

I have been good at school everyday. I have been good to my parents everyday. I have been nice to my brother everyday.

Santa can I have this toys for christmas.
2 Diamond Castle Barbies
1 Guitar
1 Money machine
1 Diary were it talks with your voice so no one can get in it.
that's it, thank you so much Santa, I will leave your cookies and milk.
(On the back of this letter)
Dear Santa;
I am writing for my brother Zeth. He has also been good everyday.
Zeth wants;
1 tonka remote car
2 Star Wars light Sabers
1 playstation 2 Video Game Justice League vs. Mortal Kombat
1 Movie Cars Screaming Banchie.
and that's it.
Thank you Santa, We love you.
P.S. I really wrote the letter but I put Zethys name on it. Aren't I a good Sister :)


Jon and Maria Ison said...

Oh my gosh! Rori is too sweet. Love the letters.

sheena said...

so cute!! I want a money machine too:)