Why Are You Under There?

So This afternoon when I picked up Aurora from school. She had a funny joke to tell me.

Aurora: Hey Mom I have a joke for you.
Me: Shoot!

Aurora: Why are you under there?
Me: ?????
Me: Under Where?

Aurora: HA..HA... You said Underwear...

Me: Nice!

SO there I have fallen for the most RE-DONCONLUS joke ever!!!


managermom said...

Yea!! You updated the blog. I love dumb jokes, I will tell my kids in the morning if they haven't already heard it. I ate lunch yesterday with our girls. They are so cute.

The Ison Family said...

Ok I actually laughed at that joke only because it was told by sweet little Aurora! I love it!

Jenna, James, Lili, & Alex said...

Ha! I so remember this joke from elementary school =)