I need to get back to blogging..This is my last 3-6 months all one.

Hello my fellow bloggers,

I am finally able to sit down and update everyone on our wonderful life. Well for starters let's see...let's go by a list.

1. My Job
2. Our Summer
3. My Car
4. My Family
5. My Love Life
6. My friends
7. I ran out of things to list
8. blah
9. blah

So, 1. My Job: It's doing well, I am working my little tooshie off like you wouldn't believe. It's freaking amazing that I am able to get up at the crack of dawn to get everyone ready and than myself and have time to make it work at 8:00am. I work in Allen, Tx with a Neurologist - He is a very nice Dr. and I can't complain. The benefits are amazing, the perks are great and the enviroment is fantastic. I have met the most amazing person there and she has become one of my closest friends.

2. Our Summer: Unfortunatly our summer was not one of the grandest ever, because of my work status it became impossible that the kids did anything amazing this year. The one thing that we did that was so much fun, was Rori and I went to Six Flags. It was her very first time and let me tell you that we opened the park and did not leave until midnight. She was a brave lil girl ride those big rides. We did a lot swimming on the weekends and the rest they spent with their dad this summer.

3. My Car: So, on my way to work one day my van decided to take it's last breath and completely die on me. It was going to cost me over $2000 to fix and it was not a guarantee that it would keep working. So with lots of sadness and lots of cries, I said my good-byes by selling on it Craiglist. Don't you love the internet that you can sell just about anything. So with the money that I recieved from the van I was able to buy MY VERY OWN 2007 FORD ESCAPE XLT 4DR. I LOVE IT!!!

4. My Family: Well everyone is well Rori started her first day of school on August 25 She was not that excited about getting up early but now she loves it. She loves her teacher and she loves that some of her friends from last year are in her class. Zeth is becoming more of a big boy everyday. He loves his CARS. He still loves Lightning McQueen. but overall all is well. Everyone is healthy.

We have added a new addition to our family: My nephew Dino who just turned 18 and joined us from Honduras to come and go to school here in Texas. He is currently at Richland and will transfer to UTA next fall. Rori and Zeth are so excited to have a sorta big brother with us.

5. My Love Life: Well there's none. Pooopy!!!!! :/

6. My Friends: Why hasn't anyone called me, e-mail me, text me. YEAH YEAH uhhh huhhh!! whatever !!!!


All in all...I think I have more things to say but, my nephew has like a billion friends on msn and they are all beeping and crap, so I have to go..lol!!!

xxoo, XXOO

Hug Hug Kiss Kiss, BIG HUGS, BIG KISS