Happy Birthday Aurora!

So, on May 10th Rori had her birthday party and it went really well. The kids had a good time and they enjoyed painting their pottery. For everyone who came I just want to say Thank you and don't forget to pick up your piece to take home. Rori had an amazing time and enjoyed all of her gifts. She really loved seeing all of her friends from school and from church as well as family. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. Thank you everyone.
Hey guys,

I am taking a quick break from blogging and any internet use because I just started working and not at children's hospital like I was suppose too but with a neurologist in Allen,Tx. Unfortunetly my schedule is 8-5pm Mond-Thurs. and 8-12pm on fridays. So i kinda have to get used to my new schedule right now. So if anyone needs me please call me or text me. Love ya'll.



So, I was driving yesterday and all of the sudden I hear a (CLUNK) than a noisy dragging sound. I get out of my car and noticed this piece hanging near the wheel. I just wanted to cry. I am literally like Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong and it happens to me. URghh!! I just payed a little over $300 to get the breaks done --- so I was really upset that I might have to pay more. Luckily when I took it in, it was bolt that broke and my mechanic replaced it with a new one, and what's even better he didn't charge me. That was a huge blessing. But than as I was driving home, the new bolt came out and I had to go back. The guy replaced it again with another and secured it well with some gadget thing, so hopefully it stays there. I need a new car bad..LOL!!!