Why did God...???

Out of all the question's a child could ask about God, this could go on his top #20 list of "Kids say the Darnest things."

It was about 8pm and it's Bath Time. Bath Time for Rori is like the Hot water Springs Park Spa in Arkansas, It's her relaxing time to bathe away her stress from playing all day long and saying comments like "I need my down time" to me as if she had to come up with the money to pay for rent this month. So, She is laying on her back floating in the nice relaxing warm water....filled with her luxurious strawberry burst bubble bath syrup....when all of the sudden I hear a scream, no...no..forget scream..more like The Texas Chain Massacre Guy was ought to get her. So I hear her scream and she is huddled in the corner of the bathtub pointing to a creepy crawling little creature calle the "Roach"
Rolling my eyes I get my shoe kill it and give him the best funeral that a roach could ask for "Flushed Away" and save her Hot Springs Bath Time from being ruined. As she relaxed once more, I sat on the toilet to relax myself, when she looks up at me and asked; "Mommy, Can I ask you a question about God?"preparing myself for the ultimate spiritual question that was about to unfold she proceeds to ask " Why on earth did God make Bugs??? They are so gross, what was he thinking, I mean out of all the things he could have made he thought of that, he must have had a bad day or something!"
(I flipped over!)


The Ison Family said...

Ok that is too funny! I'm sure that Rori really gives you a run for your money huh? She is so cute!!

The Staub Squad said...

Tell Rori that sometimes I wonder the same thing!

Rachel Lassen said...

Hey Renee, I'm so glad you have a blog! It is so cute. I agree with Rori who knows why we have things like roaches? Disgusting!!! Very cute Blog. I will check it out often!

managermom said...

I was at the park with Renee today and I know why Rori screamed, her mom does too.