Rori's First Tooth

So, Rori lost her first tooth a while ago. She had been dealing with a "wiggly" tooth for months till it was time for the sucker to come out. I conviced her to let me pull it out, rather than taking her to the Dentist, which by the way, going to the dentist now is way cooler than when I was a kid. The Dentist's office is equipped with flat screens t.v. with your choice of movie and an arcade room to play video games, Plus the kind assistant's make animal balloons and give you a goodie bag. Why on earth would she trade mom pulling her wiggly tooth over the dentist?? So anyways, she finally agrees to let me pull her tooth. My plan was... the old fashion way, wrap floss around it and pull. I took some dental floss wrapped it around her little tooth, told her that I would pull it on three (which in fact it was know...ok ready ONE and I PULLED LOL!) than it just popped out..easy as pie, that is till she realized that her tooth was gone. Once she saw herself in the mirror she did not like what she saw. I realized how vain my daughter is and she is ONLY 6!!

Here's our conversation for the next couple of minutes:
(stares at herself in the mirror for a long period of time)

Rori: I don't think I want my tooth out anymore!
Me: Ummm It's too late for that Hun.
Rori: Well, Can we go to the Dentist and see if she can put it back?? Maybe she can fix it!
Me: Ummm Yeah....NO....It will grow back..Don't worry.
Rori: (continues to stare in the mirror)
So, what about the tooth fairy??
Me: What about her??
Rori: My friend Remi, told me she got $5 for her first tooth, is that what she gives all the kids??
Me: GULP!...(Thanks Remi!!) Yeah I guess, but than the rest are just $1.00 after that.
Rori: Wohoo..I'm Stinkin Rich!

Well, that night the tooth fairy forgot to actually wake up and put the $5.00 under the bed. She was really tired. So the next morning Rori actually woke up to find her tooth still under her pillow.

Rori: MOM The tooth fairy did not leave me any money!!
Me: Ohh Crap!
Rori: What happened?
Me: Rori, the toothfairy works a lot and she is not done with her rounds, I bet that when you go to sleep tonight the money will be there.
Rori: Ohhh Man, that tooth fairy really needs to get her stuff straight.
Me: yeah, she does...(yikes!)

Yeah the toothfairy had to go to the ATM because she also realized that she didn't have cash in her wallet, but Rori got her $5 that night, plus an extra $2 as a late fee for not having it on time the night before.

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