Earth Day :)

I know Earth Day was a couple of days ago..but in the mood of being "Green'' Rori, Zeth and I decided to do some gardening. I don't know if that is "earthy" but we planted some cilantro, peppers, baby tomatoes and flowers. LOL I don't know if that's helping the earth but it will help me with my cooking. We also took all of old mags, cans, bottles and computer parts to a recycle center. We gave up plastic bags and use only totes (which in my opinion work so much better than plastic and fill up more) We love being GREEN!


Hillary said...

aww i hope that the plants grow well!

and thank you so much for liam's little part on your page!! it feels sooooo good to see his beautiful face out there :)

we love you guys!

The Staub Squad said...

Ummmm, be sure to bring me some of your fresh grown tomatoes, and we'll celebrate earth day together!!