Evan Almighty At The Park.

Today Zeth and I had playgroup. We went to crawley park in Richardson, Texas. This park is not just nice because of the equipment but because it has a small man-made lake or swamp whatever you want to call it. Anyways I wanted to walk around it and see if I could get a glimpse of any animals. As it turned out zeth and I got more than a glimpse, the animals or creatures actually came to us and kept following us everywhere we went. I felt like Evan Almighty with all the animals following us, turtles (yes I said turtles), ducks, birds, squirl, and I thought the tadpoles and small fish were too, but maybe It was just my imagination...lol. My thought is just that this animals are so used to being fed bread by the neighboring people that they thought we had some too. Yah, We didn't...ooops! ( I made a mental to bring some next time) After we were done with my Evan Almighty moment, Zeth and I went back to the playground with the rest of the mom's and kiddos. At the very end all the kids began to form a huddle, as I found out they were all excited over a rolly-polly, one of the boys picked it up and showed it to me with the rolly-polly resting on his index finger, as I asked "Is he okay?" and than realized " Nope he's not Okay!"
It was really a beautiful day today full of animal weirdness.

Earth Day :)

I know Earth Day was a couple of days ago..but in the mood of being "Green'' Rori, Zeth and I decided to do some gardening. I don't know if that is "earthy" but we planted some cilantro, peppers, baby tomatoes and flowers. LOL I don't know if that's helping the earth but it will help me with my cooking. We also took all of old mags, cans, bottles and computer parts to a recycle center. We gave up plastic bags and use only totes (which in my opinion work so much better than plastic and fill up more) We love being GREEN!

NEW JOB!!! :)

Yay!! Today I was hired!!! I just wanted to announce that I found a Job with great hours and great pay. I will be working at Children's Medical Center at legacy in Plano and this facility is brand spanking new. I am so excited to be one of the first people to be employed at this awesome facility that is also part of the Children's in Dallas. The Dallas facility is what I like to call the mother ship. I will be training there and than working permanently at the legacy building. You guys have no idea how happy I am. I am so excited to start working soon.

Why did God...???

Out of all the question's a child could ask about God, this could go on his top #20 list of "Kids say the Darnest things."

It was about 8pm and it's Bath Time. Bath Time for Rori is like the Hot water Springs Park Spa in Arkansas, It's her relaxing time to bathe away her stress from playing all day long and saying comments like "I need my down time" to me as if she had to come up with the money to pay for rent this month. So, She is laying on her back floating in the nice relaxing warm water....filled with her luxurious strawberry burst bubble bath syrup....when all of the sudden I hear a scream, no...no..forget scream..more like The Texas Chain Massacre Guy was ought to get her. So I hear her scream and she is huddled in the corner of the bathtub pointing to a creepy crawling little creature calle the "Roach"
Rolling my eyes I get my shoe kill it and give him the best funeral that a roach could ask for "Flushed Away" and save her Hot Springs Bath Time from being ruined. As she relaxed once more, I sat on the toilet to relax myself, when she looks up at me and asked; "Mommy, Can I ask you a question about God?"preparing myself for the ultimate spiritual question that was about to unfold she proceeds to ask " Why on earth did God make Bugs??? They are so gross, what was he thinking, I mean out of all the things he could have made he thought of that, he must have had a bad day or something!"
(I flipped over!)

My New Shoes!

Leave it to me to turn my family blog into my "I love my shoes" post. I went shoping with the kiddos yesterday and I could not help myself but to buy a pair of heels by "Jessica Simpsom" who knew she had her own line of shoes. This are going to look so good with my capri jeans...ohhh and yeah the kids are cute too..LOL!

Rori's First Tooth

So, Rori lost her first tooth a while ago. She had been dealing with a "wiggly" tooth for months till it was time for the sucker to come out. I conviced her to let me pull it out, rather than taking her to the Dentist, which by the way, going to the dentist now is way cooler than when I was a kid. The Dentist's office is equipped with flat screens t.v. with your choice of movie and an arcade room to play video games, Plus the kind assistant's make animal balloons and give you a goodie bag. Why on earth would she trade mom pulling her wiggly tooth over the dentist?? So anyways, she finally agrees to let me pull her tooth. My plan was... the old fashion way, wrap floss around it and pull. I took some dental floss wrapped it around her little tooth, told her that I would pull it on three (which in fact it was ONE...you know...ok ready ONE and I PULLED LOL!) than it just popped out..easy as pie, that is till she realized that her tooth was gone. Once she saw herself in the mirror she did not like what she saw. I realized how vain my daughter is and she is ONLY 6!!

Here's our conversation for the next couple of minutes:
(stares at herself in the mirror for a long period of time)

Rori: I don't think I want my tooth out anymore!
Me: Ummm It's too late for that Hun.
Rori: Well, Can we go to the Dentist and see if she can put it back?? Maybe she can fix it!
Me: Ummm Yeah....NO....It will grow back..Don't worry.
Rori: (continues to stare in the mirror)
So, what about the tooth fairy??
Me: What about her??
Rori: My friend Remi, told me she got $5 for her first tooth, is that what she gives all the kids??
Me: GULP!...(Thanks Remi!!) Yeah I guess, but than the rest are just $1.00 after that.
Rori: Wohoo..I'm Stinkin Rich!

Well, that night the tooth fairy forgot to actually wake up and put the $5.00 under the bed. She was really tired. So the next morning Rori actually woke up to find her tooth still under her pillow.

Rori: MOM The tooth fairy did not leave me any money!!
Me: Ohh Crap!
Rori: What happened?
Me: Rori, the toothfairy works a lot and she is not done with her rounds, I bet that when you go to sleep tonight the money will be there.
Rori: Ohhh Man, that tooth fairy really needs to get her stuff straight.
Me: yeah, she does...(yikes!)

Yeah the toothfairy had to go to the ATM because she also realized that she didn't have cash in her wallet, but Rori got her $5 that night, plus an extra $2 as a late fee for not having it on time the night before.