Marzipan Candy Bites

I did not grow up in Mexico but I did grow up in Central America and anyone in the Hispanic community knows about Marzipan. Marzipan are this peanut made candy that melt in your mouth. So delicious good. 

You have probably seen these at the grocery store or at your local gas station, these little beauties are Marzipan. 

But I realized that you can do this little beauties at home. All you need are two ingredients and a food processor. 

This is a really simple recipe - so simple no pictures needed. 
2 cups of unsalted peanuts ( or salted if you like that sweet-salty taste) 
2 cups of Powdered Sugar

Place in food processor until it becomes a dough like consistency. 

Spread the dough - take your favorite cookie cutters and start cutting. 

Place in a beautiful tin can with wax paper and Enjoy! 

I actually used really small star shaped cutters - I bought some on Amazon when I went through my Bento Box Lunch phase (still a phase, hehe) you can find these on Amazon for $5 click here --bento-Box-Cutters

let me know what you use for your Marzipan Candy. 

Until the next Post....

~ Renee 

2 Fudge Ingredient

The most amazing find on Pinterest - 2 Fudge Ingredient, Super Easy and Super Delicious.
 Are you the kind of mom who Desserts and Ovens just don't mix together. Yah! THAT'S ME!!! The other day I burned the top of my arm just getting Garlic Bread Out. I also forget about things in the oven and they burn to a crisp..even with a timer. (SAD I KNOW!!!) So, I was super excited to find this recipe in which the mechanics of an oven was not involved (YAY FOR ME!!)

I do have to thank the person who pinned this recipe Cookies & Cups

In Which she has this recipe both more delicious and way more creative than me, this was my first time making it so I am sure the next time I decide to create it I will be more Chef Patissier with it.

Even though the same Instructions are on there here they are again,


1.) Favorite Color Icing
2.) White Chocolate Chips

Colored Sprinkles/Food Coloring

Melted Chocolate Chips Add Favorite Icing and Mix Put in Fridge to Cool & Enjoy! Get creative & Add Sprinkles

I am also excited to know that this is such a KID FRIENDLY recipe, I can literally give this to my kids and have them cook for ME. It can be a perfect Party or Slumber Party Activity.


Holy Carving; Trick or treat and more...

I tried to go Pumpkin Patching but this mama had to work as most mom's do and we went a different route and that route was grocery pumpkin

I free handed my pumpkins and did my ultimate fav app; angry birds
along with Mario and a cool Girl Skull

This was followed by a cool Trick or Treat with my Super Mario and Dead Zombie Cheerleader

How was your Halloween?

Stories from the past somehow come to bite me in the butt

Do you remember in High School how you, well I didn't hate Cheerleaders they just were not your (my) favorite people. If you were a cheerleader than you were not a favorite people)
I remember I was liked by people, I didn't have clicks and girl dramas were always there but I never paid attention because for some fortunate reason I was never the topic of a juicy gossip. I wasn't popular but I wasn't unknown either. (Thank my Stars)
But if you were a Cheerleader something was always said about you.
I remember at try outs they would make them try out in front of the whole school, I never understood that. I always thought it was a way to let us the students have a reason to have our sweet moment of glory of embarrasing them, having the power to choose who would be so lucky to make it (by popular vote of course) and nevertheless we still voted for them and than made fun of them but cheered for them at pep rallies because let's face it their stuff was cool and than made fun of them some more. (maybe girl jelousy had somehting to do with it, who knows?)

I thought pheww!! I'm so glad I am not them.

I say this because years later or now the present I was blessed with a beautiful daughter who hah! to me Wanted to be yes, can you guess?? A Cheerleader. Sigh!

I can't say that I love it, I don't, I don't even watch the football games. I do get a kick out the parents who's kids are in the game. I hear a lot of "that's my baby"
 As I embark on this journey of pom poms it amazes me how fate can be so fickle with me, I only hope that there are not a group of kids out there like me in my past and give her the fate of a cheerleader. (who am I kidding, I'm praying to all the Gods known to man, Yikes!)

But I must say She looks darn cute in that Uniform.

For your listening pleasure, listen to this :)

Good Bye Summer - Hello School!

This Week , We Started our first week of school. I am sure everyone had that craziness happen to you this week. Am I right?
My kiddos were so ready for school that at 6am they were ready. Yeah, I was excited too but not that excited.

This year I have a 4th Grader in my hands which let me tell you it's the pre-tween stage, meaning she hasn't hit Tween stage but it's getting there. If you didn't know there's three stages for Girls to hit. At least my theory of it.

Stage 1 - Between 7-10 - It's the Pre-Tween Stage - this is the stage where they want to be teens but still like little girl things a.k.a. barbies, Disney princess and shhh don't tell maybe even baby dolls or in my daughter's case an American Girl Doll.

Stage 2- Between 10-12 - It's the Tween Stage - well this stage they defet act like Teen's you know back talk, your shutting doors stage, maybe an occasional I hate you Mom here in there, you get to talk about all the fun stuff of where babies come from and the actual technicalities of it all ( if you haven't already in the previous stage) Yikes!!

Stage 3 -Between 12-18 - Defet TEENAGERS - If you still have beautiful hair that you haven't pulled out than Well you might as well call your doctor and have a prescription medicine for anxiety.

Back to my story, I am at Stage 1 - Apparently Feather's are the thing in Fashion. She told me! We roam the malls of Dallas to find Feathers that I didn't buy because they were expensive. (of course it's fashion, it's meant to see my check go Pufff!) So I went to the local Craft Store made them myself. (Cheaper haha!) That took care of that.
 Next, she told me she had to be styling.. OK? I went to local thrift Stores, hit the clearance rak and waaala got her tons of clothes. Ohh the joys of Back to School right.

Now to find that perfect outfit. I remember just being able to pick something out and it was fine. Not anymore... I have to sit there and actually go through millions of combinations for her to tell me that it looks dumb. Sigh! I can't complain I do love our mother-daughter bond and hey at least I'm included in the choosing process.

Now, here is where having a boy (in my opinion) it's just so darn easy. "Z" could care less. He just wanted his hair to look cool. Rocker Style :) So, am I glad this First week of school is done Yes I am , but looking forward to our future endeavors. LOL!
Finally We have our First Day of School Photo -

Project 365

Project 365 - is when you take a photo for each day of the week for the entire year.

This year one of my year's resolution is to post one picture for each day of the week. Of course I'm behind already by 11 days, so I will just start today and forgive these days.
Today's photo is a picture I captured of Snow in Texas, that's right people it snowed in Yeehah State.

But oh how it only lasted for a short time. Gotta Love the South!!